Enjoy 3 unusual experiences with Les Archi Kurieux and explore the most beautiful cities in Finistère with your family or friends in a fun way


Like an urban escape game, our treasure hunts will lead you in the footsteps of Archibald, the great-great uncle with the mysterious legacy. In each of the 12 cities, help our great uncle in one of his adventures by decoding the riddles he has devised to reveal the past and the anecdotes of the emblematic monuments but also of the most secret places. This convivial experience can be shared with the whole family from 8 years or with friends through two levels of play.


More like a treasure hunt, our hunt for [K]uriosities will invite you to explore our 12 towns of character from a new angle. Will you be able to spot them with photos of local [K]uriosities? With your nose in the air and your eyes on the lookout, this urban stroll will reveal the "nuggets" and treasures of the unmissable streets and the most confidential alleys. Thanks to your findings, you will decipher and complete a final photo mission before returning to your host. You will be able to take advantage of this urban stroll from 4 to 77 yearswith 4 levels of play. 


For these two fun walks, you will be welcomed by one of our facilitators to defined dates and times by us. The leader will remain on your playground throughout your journey to point you in the right direction if necessary.


To participate, see our programme of outings on our website www.lesarchikurieux and don't forget to book your seats before coming!


To free you from the constraints of time and date, we have designed several booklet formats which will allow you to explore the towns of Finistère in total autonomy. On foot, by bike or by car, the riddles will lead you to the most emblematic places or to the conquest of lesser known territories. These booklets are available in certain places only and are not available in all the towns. on sale in tourist offices of the territory concerned. More information on www.lesarchikurieux.fr