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Locronan town centre

29180 Locronan


La Troménie de Locronan est une procession religieuse. Les plus anciennes références à la Troménie datent de la fin du 16e siècle.

La grande Troménie n’a lieu que tous les six ans, les années impaires divisibles par trois. Elle emprunte un parcours qui longe les frontières de l’ancien prieuré de Locronan. La prochaine grande Troménie aura lieu en 2025 !

The Small Troménie is a 6km route that takes place every year between each Grande Troménie on the 2nd Sunday of July. On the day of the procession, one can admire the crosses and banners of Locronan and the surrounding parishes. The inhabitants dress up in their most beautiful traditional Breton costumes, which here are in no way symbols of folklore. On the contrary, these costumes take on a completely different dimension, namely the connection to the ancestors. It is said that if you don't do the procession during your life, you will have to do it after your death, but you will only be able to advance the length of your coffin every year.

Source: http://www.memoires-locronan.fr/