► From the beginning of spring, about twenty volunteers present the trades and activities of the past to restore the country life of our region. The string maker, the basket maker, the flax or wool spinner, the embroiderer, the lace maker, the weaver, the wood turner, the blacksmith, the potter, the clog maker, the beekeeper, the carpenter, the witness to the trades of the sea... invite you to listen, to observe, to feel, to exchange. In addition to these regular demonstrations, each afternoon there are special events focusing on local skills that have been saved from oblivion. You will find them in the calendar available on our website. Please allow two hours for your visit.

► Also have a good time at the Parc des Jeux Bretons located near the Museum.

Photo captions :
► Photo 1: The blacksmith
► Photo 2: The fisherman making his fishing line from horsehair
► Photo 3: Laundry at the washhouse with a volunteer and visiting children
► Photo 4: Bread and buns are baked in the wood-fired oven
► Photo 5: Volunteer preparing pancakes cooked with pine needles
► Photo 6: Volunteers press the apples to get the juice
► Photo 7: The blacksmith puts the visitors to work
► Photo 8: Volunteer working on the donkey bench to make a garden tool handle (spade handle or hoe)
► Photo 9: Volunteer spinning wool
► Photo 10: Making a wicker basket
► Photo 11: A volunteer showing the operation of the hoof machine
► Photo 12: Wool spinners